“Sustenance” was commissioned by the Community Foundation to celebrate their work in the North East over the last 20 years.

The artists Ali Rhind and Rachel Phillimore have chosen a simple bold design to depict the ‘modern philanthropy’ that is the Foundation’s work, where local trusts and charities give back to their communites. Plants will struggle to survive in poor soil in a shady corner, but give them a helping hand, extra feeding, sunshine and good growing conditions and they will thrive and become strong and healthy…like us.

There are echoes of script in the background, appropriate for our new library. The work was taken round the region to Community Foundation events where over 400 people put clippings in. The majority of the work was undertaken in the studio in the Ouseburn by Ali and Rachel, both textile artists who use the traditional methods of ‘matmaking’ in their contemporary work. Rachel is based in the Tyne Valley and is well known for her ‘hooked’ wall pieces and Ali, who works in the Ouseburn, for her ‘proggy’ seating and hangings. Ryders, the architects, have generously sponsored the piece.

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